Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Secret to sleeping

3 stages of sleep in life,
As a baby: we are forced to sleep when we don't want to
As an adult: we want to sleep but we can't
As an old person/teenage: we don't want to sleep but we do

There's so much to talk about sleep,
How it repairs the body, the biological clock, the sleep cycles.
How to get a better sleep: milk, breathing deep, slow music
some insomniacs even require drugs.

The hormone melatonin is the trick,
Don't play computer or look at your phone's bright screen,
it reduces the release of this key,
so does anxiety for tomorrows exam.

So trust in the Lord,
and He will grant rest,
His peace be upon you,
That you may sleep your best.

-written on 22nov2012-

note: i got the 1st paragraph from somewhere, but can't remember. hope you can have a good nites rest after reading this!! =D

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