Friday, March 22, 2013


An utterly weird phenomena it is,
How an adolescence of certain age,
Gets some hormonal imbalance in the head,
And is pissed off at any random word said.

To surpass this evil urge inside me,
Was not an easy path to take,
to not let my tongue reign free,
but to keep on reasoning silently,
containing them in the head only.

-written on 15 nov 2012-
author's comments: hmm this was one of the much earlier tries at 'poetry' that i found written in some ancient book.. gonna post them up just for keeps sake. this particular one was a cin chai attempt and didn't have any nice flow to it. but yeah, i guess it helps me to speak my mind out. haven fun reading this collection =D btw its written a long long time ago accordnig to those dates, most of the things have passed and minght possibly not have anything to do with what i currently feel, but be sure it was something la at those moments.

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