Sunday, March 24, 2013


A great mystery in life,
How playing games together can be,
The winner feels great,
the looser feels dead.

Team morale is something mystique,
How a single person who leads,
can change the whole team in peace,
without one, everyone just seems.. pissed

No leaders only followers,
the team stares at each other,
in boredom, thus they
lose out, and feel like... mush

If there was no loser,
There would be no winner,
so have some sportsmanship,
and smile for the friendship

-written on 16NOV12-

authors note: ok so maybe the 2nd and 3rd stanza didn't rhyme much. but owh well, atleast the last one wasn't so bad. the 3rd stanza was referring to a certain particular situation in a camp. there was this group of youngings that were just so tired (probably due to lack of sleep) .. and they were so crabby that they didn't even want to practice for the performance night, having no discussion what so ever, they just did some B grade item. sad rite.... group dynamics.. discern it.

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