Friday, October 24, 2014

What separates us from the rest?

I was just cycling past the road side cleaners. And wondered to myself, what makes an individual make it or break it in life?

Well.. Firstly.. What does it even mean to have "made it". It all depends on the individuals preference for that word. Some define success in terms of monetary value, others in power or fame.

Capitalism. How the world evaluates us.

What if success wasn't define like that. What if the real purpose was to live out not one's personal agenda, but sacrifice his individual life for the greater good. A cause far beyond his own life's value.

Communities. Not communism.. Like ants.

Well whatever it is. We are in the very fact moving towards a finishing line. And its not how well we start, it's how we end.

So what separates us?

Its this three E s.

Education, experiences, excellence

Education brings empowerment
Which leads to breaking out of not just poverty bondages passed down through generations but also.. The truth will tear down strong hold walls on lies.

Whatever we may have been thought in our past. Weather we like it or not... Does make us more intelligent

Unlike closing our eyes to not see something unsightly, we can't really stop listening to things we don't want to hear.

What's hear then after processed by the brain, its up to us to accept it or not. This is the part where we have the choice.

If it is a false scam and we rightfully discern it, then good for you. It it is the truth by we doubt it, then live in denial. If it is false and we think it to be true, through reasoning we'll be relevistic about everyone's beliefs. If it was true, and you knew it and accepted it.. Then you'll be set free

Experiences through encounters.
We are who we are today because of what we went through in our past. He cannot and should not say that the past doesn't have any effect in making up our characteristics and personalities. We are after all products of something created. Some say our consciousness is a collection of memories and peoples personalities.

Yet what I believe, is that although we can't chance the past, we can forget about it to focus on what is ahead. For you to he who you want to be in the future, it'll start in the choices you make now.

As you meet the right people, ( were there any wrong ones in the first place, as if we couldn't have helped someone lesser than us. Or we always had to surround yourself with people greater. Then how would one ever start off if no one wanted to mingle first. Take the sacrifice, for you have been blessed enough. For in giving, you shall receive ), the mentors, the tutors.. The ones who teach you a lesson by being so wicked, and grace through acts of revenge and hatred, mercy in unkindness and strife ..

You learn, when you choose to do so. No matter the situation.

Excellence? Hmm I don't think so. Righteousness know what the end is. Your end point. Where will you be standing once this is all over. Knowing what is ahead, helps you to keep your mind in the mission. The commission. The greater calling.

Don't get tied up in trivial side skirmishes. Time is an invaluable thing. For the end is coming.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The calling

This is really quite a good read.

In our life we pass by so many people who mentor, encourage and guide us. Always being reminded at the right time about the path that we choose to walk. Yet what is it really to belief in God. What's the point of keeping pure and claiming to be a Christian. Is this a label that we strive to achieve by our own means.

The sceptic and disobedient will always be running around in circles. The same cycle. But in Christ, if one were really to give his life as a living sacrifice... That is how we'll break out of the cycle.

What I'm trying to get at is this, there is more to the life that you are currently living now by your own means by your own standards. There is more.

So much more.

You'll know who created the stars

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Missing you

"Hey darling

How was your day?"

You know after watching two movies 'the awkward moment' and wolf of Wall Street.
Gosh I should have listened to my sister not to watch that second movie. Horrible.

Why did the girls have to say 'I don't love you anymore'
And btw, they're married. It's like... Movies are advocating divorce now.

It's NOT okay.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Lost phone

but not lost identity.

in Christ, even if i was to be put to death, satan shall have no hold over me
yes indeed i couldn't sleep last night, woke up 2 or 3 times.
kept on thinking of the possibilities and senarios and life after that,
what if i found it, what if i didn't
what if its somewhere and .. gosh, my brain.. over processed

but you know what brings peace?
God... his Word to us...

i was just sharing about seeking things for eternity not that which is material.
sigh.. walk the talk? learn the hard way? nah its just my careless foolishness


but yeah, God ..

God is sovereign (He is in control)
God is love (He cares)
God is wise (Everything happens for a reason)

Jesus.. you know where exactly it is.. your omipotence, omipresence, ominscience..


i realized i only seek God when in need.
when i want some thing.

as if... when all is good and comfortable God takes the passenger seat.

 "Do what you need to do to me Lord,
as gold and silver is tested in the crucible,
so you test my heart"

my heart, i could finally feel it last night

this.. is.... a turning point in life

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

love's shortcomings

love is not just looking beyond someone's shortcomings and accepting them as who they are.

love is taking the responsibility of helping the other person change for the better.

yes it isn't going to be easy, its not a breeze, it might get in the way of the current care-free life.

thats commitment

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love." - 1 John 4:18

i fear, that i am wasting my time.
i fear that after all this it will be in vain.
i fear that what i do will not be reciprocated.
i fear that my efforts...

sigh. GOd in you. i do not fear.

Monday, September 29, 2014

self efficacy

Topic 1. Activity 2.
Self efficacy
Is what people label others with when they see them achieving something amazing. Its a character we use to explain why others get to do such things that look like fun or success, be it climbing a mountain or owning an expensive car. Its a very materialistic worldly point of view, to believe so strongly in oneself. Dangerous too, because if "fail" to achieve the goal we set for ourselves, we tend to think it was our fault for not having enough "faith" and "trust" in ourselves.
I believe that a greater sense of efficacy is when we trust in something transcendent. Something that can never fail us, the source of our strength doesn't come from withing, for it will eventually run out if it does. It comes from without, from a source that will never run dry.

Stop trusting in mankind so much, we are not the center of the universe. know what the greater plan for your life is. There is a will for each and every individual. You will know it, just as He did. Live to love others.

If one thinks he can only run a marathon, start a successful business, win competitions by repeating the words "i am a winner" to himself countless times, look in the mirror and see himself as something he is not, walk into enemy territory, purposely set ourselves in difficult situations. seriously?

okay so thats what i wanted to write.. but i cant... or shouldn't.. because marking schemes are dogmatic

"It is to believe in oneself when the odds are stacked against him. It is usually a term used when the goal is hard to achieve. The person has to persevere and try hard to overcome the problems and obstacles in front of him. From all the examples, the pictures show things that are downright impossible for a normal person in the right mind to do. Like stunts on a motorbike, climbing an icy glacial, a cat walking in front of a row of dogs. The person has to have a lot of bravery, or is just very dull to do. Although i do believe that one can run a marathon despite whatever they physiological state of himself might be in. It is a mind game."

that was the closes i could get before ranting.

Week 2. Video 2.1 Tesco in South Korea.

1. What is the goal of Tesco?

To become the number one stall without fighting the same way as what the other competitors were doing.

2. What ideas did Tesco propose?  

To go against the flow, instead of people coming to them they bring the stall to the people. They also incorporate new up to date technology like smartphones and bar code scanning.

3. What was important to ensure that the ideas were feasible? 

The idea was possible and easy to do as it was a convenient thing that everyone had access to. People walk pass the subway, so they put their banners where there's high traffic. People commute and wait for public transports, so they have that extra time to virtually shop. Most people already have smartphones, so they do not nee to purchase a special device just to participate in this.

4. What benefits did Tesco enjoy after imposing the creative ideas?

Increase in sales, membership and revenue. Most importantly, they helped improve the lives of shoppers.

Monday, September 22, 2014

deeper- Ed. Chan cpt 3

so picked up a few lines:

a theology that cannot stand the onslaught of anguish is worthless.

we live in an age of unmitigated anthropocentric narcissism. facebook.
malcolm muggeridge: "what will finally destroy us is not communism of fascism, but man acting like God"

"beware of placing the emphasis on what prayer cost us: it cost God everything to make it possible for us to pray." - oswald chambers

that which informs the mind must also inspire the heart
-thelogical content vs contemplation

pathetic- to see God as irrelevant to life except when we are in trouble.

lebih indah dari pelangi

ku bukan melilih Tuhan tetapi Ia yang memilih ku.
Being precedes doing.

i didn't choose to come to Ums as my first choice in forestry.
God chose me to come here. and there is a purpose.
least i forget my objective.

Chirst be the center and lead me.

you know the song, indah Yesus ku Indah?
it has these lines: lebih indah dari pelangi, bintang di langit dan bunga di taman...

i study forestry. do you know how beautiful flowers are?
and to think, if i came from a kampung, heck.. from the city.. the rainbow is one of the most beautiful things i've ever beheld with my eyes.... and gosh, have you seen the stars in the night sky without light pollution? its freaking.. beautiful..

and for a Chirstian to sing.. "my God is more beautiful than all these"

God are you more beautiful than all i have in my life?
the achievements, the past, the freindships, the love, the money, the things i own, the time i have..
God... you are.. the most beautiful