Friday, June 24, 2016

Old people infront?

Wait watched the boboboi emergency thing in the cinema again.

Let the old people out first?

Let's say there are two options:
1. Old people first, young ones stuck behind them. Manu people die

2. Found ones infront run out first, old ones behind.

Which would you choose?

Thursday, June 23, 2016


do you feel as if your soul is dry?
like you're in a desert place.

well, its because you haven't been going to the source of:

Living Waters

go there, be refreshed, find peace and rest for your weary soul.

the mind separates from the body when we feed our fleshly desires.

why does the mind feel like it's detached from the body?
because the mind is in conflict with the desires of the flesh.

the more we feed the body (by giving in to temptations, after all it's a free choice)
we strengthen the flesh, and hence the mind feels more and more absent.

if we hang in the middle always tripping the line,
sooner or later we start to feel "depressed" as if there is a great dis-conjunction with the world.

and then, we are more and more likely to.

however, if the flesh takes over all the way, in which we just give into the desires of it,
lust, temptations and evil.. materialism.

it becomes who we are. and we start to be comfortable with ourselves.

where is the soul then?
holiness and our conscience

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Uber drivless cars

Next time you call Uber, a driverless cars will come pick you up.

Think about that moving into the future... taxi drivers.


The purpose of life is to find life's purpose

Saturday, June 18, 2016

everyone thinks he's a hero

an undercover journalist infiltrated and went behind the ranks of a terrorist group,and this is what she got out of it:

"Everyone thinks he's a hero."

and the 'good' military side retaliating against them also thinks the same "We are the hero"

if only they would just stop fighting with violence and "listen to each other"
then, much things could be resolved.

a drug rehab worker said there was one thing in common with those whom give in to addiction:

"That they are missing a relationship with a higher power/being. A relationship that allows them to share about who they truly are"

And he was an atheist. believing that that the highest power is Love

Still seeking for the meaning of life?
a purpose? is it burdensome?

well why don't you just lay it down at the Cross.
Let Jesus carry that for you.

whats the one thing that you've learnt from university life?
"Is that we can never be too friendly, because people get annoyed and others talk bad behind your back". this was so sad to hear, life could have been so much more if this wound was healed. i guess being judgmental and condescending never really helped anyone.

whats the one thing that you've learnt from university life?
"to adapt to change"

Thursday, June 16, 2016

quarter life crisis

been browsing a few blogs... when i should be studying for final exams tomorrow.
sigh, came across so many christian blogs especially with missionaries (and mormon's too)
(something about google predictions that i dislike)

it's amazing, the life of these people.
so... all out.. dedicated... to Jesus.

aren't i a christian too? why am i not doing things like that.
not.. having a full time missionary life.

well... i always say to myself that "God has placed me where i am for a purpose"
and that my job for now is.. to finish off university... find a job? work.. get married and have a family.. and then what..?

share Christ along the way? i've tried. i've learnt from Crystal that..

Love is spoken with Actions.

how true, God.... please help me.. i.. don't want to be a hypocrite,
just learning the law, and trying to impose it on others..

in.. judging.. and .. contempt.. condescending..

gosh... i need to STOP COMPLAINING so much...
(i notice i've been very negative the past few months,
as if.. laughter and joy has left my body)

GOd.. help me to see the brighter side of things.

it feels like a dilemma in life.

heck, if all else fails,
just give up everything and become a missionary right?
hah.. that's not how it works..

we're all called to different offices and service.

I for one.. right now... have to... focus on what would bring glory to God.
focus on.. my relationship with God..

it seems like it's fleeting,
as if... its becoming more superficial

what is life?
why can't i be a pluralistic guy believing in all religions,
heck i would to try out tao-ism or zen buddishm one day

but i've been thought as a kid that i should have no other gods before You.
(as goes the Sunday School song)

haha wait a minute... it says "before" ... so does it mean that i can have some "after" You?

nah, I know who the real God is,
I have felt Him before, seen His works in my life,
read His Living Word...

I just need to.. focus ...


get away from all this distractions
so many distractions.. man.. Satan, you doing a good job.

but i hope i wont fall into temptation,
just like how my lord Jesus didn't give in when he was hungry .. didn't eat the stone..
nor bow down to the devil to get all of the cities on this earth...
nor jump down... to test the angles.

i should stop testing God...
and start.. living for Him...

will i ever grow up?
or will i continue to play computer games, watch animea and stuff..
and waste.. waste.. waste my life away..

always seaching for the next new smartphone,
headphones, camera.. bla bla bla..

without ever using the one i have to its fullest potential.
without ever being contended..

really.. really.. knowing...
about something


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

what if everything around us was just, air.

what if,

God was so powerful.
That actually He only made one of us.
Like you (the reader) or I (the writer)... am actually the only person in this world world?
and that everything, everyone around us... is just... made up, imaginary (to a point of become reality)

that, the people we meet and talk to are all actually just like.. air?
that the whole purpose of this one human universe is so that we could.. develop our existence,
in this world of one person, we cannot redefine our purpose of existing,

but it is still our job to.. make the choices, that will help us fulfill why we are actually here.

well ofcause, i believe very much that my friends beside me are actually humans and not just a figment of my imagination.

i could never imagine being the only person on earth, that would we very... lonely.

xiao mi

 got a xiaomi band from Chun Hao. He got it free with the purchase of a Mi4 during some special promotion and didn't want it. thanks a bunch! i've been wearing it for quite some time now, to log my activities, steps, jogs, tried to pari it up with Google FIt, but i think i'll leave it aside, or should it sync them? i heard that it counts a little bit of extra steps. but owh well, who really cares right?

i like the sleep function where it tells me how long i've slept that night and if i manage to have deep sleep. looking forward to the Mi band S1 where it can measure the pulse.

so i got a little itchy and visited the site and saw that they had some dual speaker ear phones (one armature, one diaphragm) its pretty cool, so i taught i'd pick it up. made a MI account, placed in my KF address, and viola, it arrived.

i was very happy with the two mi golden piston headphones i bought back then. they were really really good. but i lost one and gave another away. so yeah.... taught i'd get myself this new ones, and owh bow... so worth it.. the bass and hi's are so clear.

so i needed to top up till i hit hundered to get the free shipping, threw in a powerbank, fan and extra mi band strap.

i think my favorite color now is blue =P (last time it was.. red?)

andways, happy with the purchase, thank God i was home when GDex arrived.

and yeah, shold i get the XiaoMi weighing scale.... and XIao Yi action camera too? xD sigh not sure if my next phone will be a google nexus of a xiaomi.... (the head phones volum functions dont work properly with other UI's)

i want to go full google, but then they dont make all that much products .. yet.... and xiao mi can use google apps very much too.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

choosing fewer things? present in the moment

I realised that i do too many things in life.
and that I should cut down and abandon things to have a more meaningful one.
I still remember a quote my friend Rachel shared with me

"Too everywhere to be somewhere"

and i think that we all should be aware of this.
part of minimalism is that isn't it: to have fewer things so that life will be more... in the present

i notice that my mind keeps running to things that i "should do" in the future.
so much to a point that i can't focus on what i am doing in the present.
it's really frustrating, to a point that i think its becoming stress or depression.

knowing that there are so many things that should be done but are not done.

or well. atleast i'll try to trun it into a positive notification to my brain that i have work to be done.
and once i finish what needs to be done first than i can go on and do other things, to be distracted. and not procrastinate.

i want to be genuinely interested in one thing at a time,
so that i'll really read and absorb whatever it is for the moment,
not just marginally having a fling and the going on to the next factually info after obligatory reading something i put into my Pocket list.

(maybe i should unsubscribe to Pocket weekly suggestions?) nah.. its good Brain Pickings.

like what yew meng said; "Do what you need to do, so that you can do what you want to do"

if i can somehow or another be disciplined enough to finish off all my school work first, than i can really enjoy playing in the park. to be really present in the moment.

niah caves - Dose Progress kill traditional culture?

So i just got back from our small road trip through Brunei and Miri and Niah Caves.
While reading the book on Bruno Manser, and having a lil conversation with the native Iban Josman, and one of the friends Kim Qin and ofcause Crystal,

It made me ask a question:
Does progress bring about the death of traditional culture?
Must something be sacrificed to gain something?

I.e. we ate canned food instead of local dishes,
there was electricity, running water and air conditioning
we sorta experienced the village lifestyle.

our Host talked alot about politics.

anyways, i got a lil uneasy when my friend said that "thats what the Christians did last time" in reply to the islamisation of school children by west malaysian teachers in the primary school. And its true to some sense that the iban's were all animistic before the missionaries came and shared the Gospel to them. so what's the difference with Islam?

well.. i think that one can believe in Jesus without giving up traditional customs.
in the beginning of it all, it was God and Adam and Eve. 
that was the original custom, and then when sin came in, a whole lotta prostitution to other gods were brought up to distract us from our true purpose, a realationship with Christ.

so if people were to say that Christianity destroys traditional customs by making one forget their roots. actually the opposite is more true, traditional customs have destroyed what was even earlier than themselves. and the Gospel is just reminding one of what it was all about in the beginning to time.

to bring one back.

hence i think the resolve to share one's experience with God is still something that's very applicable in the mordern world today. especially with all the developoment in technology, post-mordenism first world problems, and materialism.

p.s. on a side note, i really want to quit facebook and Whatsapp. or at least cut down on them.
maybe i should fast it just like the Muslims are doing now =P a month without FB? let me post up my niah cave pictures first