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Sheep offerings

They had to make so many goats, ram, sheep for offerings in numbers... The Israelites must have been breeding them so much... They would have good food security

Calling the free one

"The one whom is not free will constantly call the one whom is just to ... Have a feel of that freedom shared"

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Drink water only when speaker does

The Malay audience only drink water when the speaker in front does. What teaching is this? Respect? I remember in school we had to ask the teachers permission to drink water xD

Prof Jacqueline, she is soooooo good. Like Dr Colin

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Please just let me live my life

Friday, February 23, 2018

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Roams 21

V21 Romans what benefit did you reap at that time from the things you are now ashamed of? Those things result in death.

I gave my self to be a living stone for Christ.
Sin had left a crimson stain, but he washed it white as snow.

Will I continue to live a life of debouching or materialism,
Hoarding and touching what is not mine.

No more, in all that I do, I belong to Christ and Christ alone
He owns my all, and to him I will freely give 

1 Corinthians 16:13&14
Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.
Do everything in love

Celine Joshua

Do not be too dogmatic about things.
Learn to hitch hike

6, 7, 9 rabu khamis Ahad terakhir 

Some birthdays

Jun Hao 22 October
Jia Sheng 24 May
Elle 27 October
Samuel 30 jun
Mandy 11 August
Zi Hao 
Zoey 3 Jan
Hui min 2 May
Sze Wee 25 August
Elmo 15 July
Hui ping 11 Jan
Lam wai yip 30 May


Forestry division
Yayasan sabah group
Rosemary, Kenneth,
Kenneth - Forest certification unit, CHP

Forget management plan 1984
Rakyat Bejaya
While Sabah - RIL
Pngkalan, Tanggung, Stumping
Base camps - ISO
Safety walk way
Contractors - phillipino and Indonesia
8/24 belong to Yayasan
Can't certify one by one - miniZe the cost
FSC strict

20 - 24  - certification

Policy, procedure, Tainan, wild life corridor,
6 moths, 2 years. 15/16 since 2005. Bent awash, concerted to oil palm.


Different contractor, guide, monitor, human factors
Biggest hindrance, mentality

Principal owner bears the cost.



Stress is the feeling that we have when we perceive that we have a need or obligation [but] inadequate resources to handle it,

We allow our minds to run in circles of bitching and moaning and then wonder why we feel too tired to make anything happen. We leave ourselves zero energy left to deal with the actual problems (which probably are way different than the ones we imagined).

Your trust changes your perspective

Intellectual love

3 nov 2014

I wasn't fighting for the sake of intellectual recognition,
I was just doing what I love and felt fight in my heart to do so.

Why no post grad

19 Mac 2015

 Spoke to Dr Colin about why UMS students don't want to continue postgraduate studies here.

Why? What is the problem.

No interest
No idea what is forestry or the academic life like.
No background or foundation to build upon.
Think that other universities are better
No budget.
No exposure.
No testimonies.
What's the purpose of coming to university.

Focus on those who are interested
Don't force anyone to what they don't want to

The degree is not like an SPM cert.


21 July 2015


It brings peace to the soul. Rejuvenation and rest to a weary one.
The air brings a sense of peace and seri its that can't be found in the city.
To hear the birds chirping in the early mornings and watch a horse gallop by,
To see the fish splashing at edges of pools and dogs chasing each other.

The water to bath is extremely cold, shakes you to the bones.
There's no electricity here at certain hours, making life apart from technology a norm.
Very good to escape the grasp that the Internet holds those in addiction to.

Life vision, mission, goals

8 good 2015

Vision in life
To know and be known by God 

To be the salt and light
The great commission

To be transformed daily and changed into the likeness of Christ.
To fear the Lord in awe and reverence.

Spend time each day consistently in
Reading and meditation on the Word
Scripture memorisation
Prayer and supplication in the Holy Spirit
Praise and worship from the heart and soul

Life principals
Work smart, play hard
Do what you need to do, so that you can do what you want to do
Early is on time, on time is late
Remember the teachers, mentors and coaches in life.
Commitment, sacrifice to one focus
Protect reputation: hard to build, easy to destroy

Habits to cultivate
Elevate in the mornings
30 minutes of exercise a day
30 minutes of music instrument a day
Sleep at 10pm

Random quotes
Live each day as if it was your last
Cultivate a genuine interest in life long learning. Grasps and understand concepts until you can convey and explain it in simple terms to others through a clear communicating presentation.
It's not about think positively or having self confidence, it's knowing and being sure of who you are in God's eyes. It's how the Father sees you not now you see yourself.
All time is God's time, for which we must give account as a steward.

Speaker of the dead quotes

8 August 2015

Speaker of the dead
Page 165

It was the Bishop's own fault. From his vantage point, calling the Speaker satanic put him at the farthest extreme from himself and all good Catholics: The Speaker is the opposite of us. But to those who were not theologically sophisticated, while Satan was frightening and powerful, so was God. They understood well enough the continuum of good and evil that the Bishop referred to, but they were far more interested in the continuum of strong and weak-- that was the one they lived with day by day. And on that continuum, they were weak, and God and Satan and the Bishop all were strong. The Bishop had elevated the Speaker to stand with him as a man of power. The people were thus prepared to believe the whispered hints of miracles. 

Page 225

Compassionate enough," she said, "to put the hot iron into the wound when that's the only way to heal it."

As one who had felt his burning iron cauterize her deepest wounds, she had the right to speak; and he believed her, and it eased his heart for the bloody work ahead. 

Page 242

"It's also like being born," said Ender. "As long as you keep getting born, it's all right to die sometimes." 

Page 63

And yet that was how human beings satisfied their sense of responsibility-- checking again even when they knew it was unnecessary. 

Page 72

Someone once told me that the only teacher who's worth anything to you is your enemy." 

Page 85

Then I judge that it's no sin to speak to the unbelievers in the language of their unbelief," said Qing-jao. 

Page 126

The gods had caused Wang-mu to say that it was unjust to punish Qing-jao for simply hearing another person's disrespectful opinions. Perhaps Wang-mu's statement was true. But it was also true that the gods could not be unjust. Therefore it must be that Qing-jao was not being punished for simply hearing the treasonous opinions of the people. No, Qing-jao had to purify herself because, in her heart of hearts, some part of her must believe those opinions. She must cleanse herself because deep inside she still doubted the heavenly mandate of Starways Congress; she still believed they were not just. 

Page 127

Servants are always happier when they know their voices are heard by their master. 

Page 143

Quim smiled to see how easily Andrew turned away the quarrel that Grego wanted to pick. Grego was no fool. He knew he was being handled. But Wiggin hadn't left him any reasonable grounds for showing his disgruntlement. It was one of the most infuriating skills of the Speaker for the Dead. 

Page 190

People only really believe in what they've seen before. 

Page 232

When you have wisdom that another person knows that he needs, you give it freely. But when the other person doesn't yet know that he needs your wisdom, you keep it to yourself. Food only looks good to a hungry man. 


Field course on tropical forestry

6 October 2015

Eth Zurich field course on tropical forestry.

Glenn Reynolds.
Palm oil and habitat fragmentation.
Commercial forest to totally protected.
Lowland forest under pressure.
Sabah foundation concession.

Is there Redd in pristine forest? Or other carbon mitigation.
Are we able to sell the biodiversity? Rich, not just tourism, scientific research.
What is the ration of corruption to integrity in maintaining? Non logging.
Dominance forest structure, dipterocarps.
Elective logging, choosing the largest .
Impacts of timber harvesting, recovery, natural regeneration. Restoration
Enrichment planting, silviculture,
Long term records, weather, it's getting warmer and wetter, more erratic
Less scientist in Danube valley, more in plantations.
Soy stem functions and services.

Do you advocate the change/conversion from forested areas to oil palm plantations that are sustainably managed?

Long term forest dynamics In Terms of climate change.
Forest fragmentations due to plantations.

Payment for ecosystem services
How can human modified landscapes support livelihood & economic returns, ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation?

Win-win natural values and human values.
No one expects developing country to maintain its land under forested areas.

Land use policy is under state government not federal.
Areas that are best protected are the sites with the most activity in it.

Sabah foundation so rich, could they not fund it?
Playing out the scenario is to attract carbon trading.

Permian global.

 Currently Sabah forest is not in carbon trading due to lack of scientific data to prove.
Forest reserves can be oil palm plantations.
Paying carbon credits is paying corruption.

Highly fragmented but still rich in wildlife.
The conversion of forest is inevitable.

Orang utans building nest in oil palm plantations.
Elephants and orang utans seen in very degraded forest.
So what your saying is an altered forest is better for wildlife. Better than their natural habitat 100s of years ago.

Forest will never be paid for ecosystem services.

Acacia is a naturally invasive species

Something fundamentally wrong, morally, ethically.


Field course for tropical forestry, eth Zurich 
I flew back to Sabah from KL on the 29th January and slept over night at UMS in my own room at the university hostel. Met Abang Shafiq and helped him to plant some ornamental plants outside of Ibnu Khaldun. Had a good dinner with Sam and hui xian, we went to McDonald's after that for ice-cream. We talked about music and how pop culture is influencing the younger generation.

On the 30th morning I took the motorbike out with Jeph to 1B to buy stuff. We forgot the shopping list given to us by the chef and ended up not buying the right ingredients. Lesson learnt, take the small effort to prevent a big hiccup. So we couldn't eat steamboat that night and instead ate rice with salted fish. I had to leave early to meet Dr. Chris Kettle down in upper star KK. Took the bus too late and it was a little jam. Lesson learnt: go to the meeting point earlier, factor in travel time and traffic. Walked around and found them all seated around. 9 girls and 5 boys. Anna x2, carol x2, Liea, Diana,  Rebecca, Dezzerie and the guys were Jonas, Lukas, Fabian and Herzi (who is Malaysian and lives in Taman Tun). After the rain stopped we walked over to the Phillipino market and ate sea food. Slept over in the grades hotel, walked up to the rooftop bar and pool side, beautiful.

On the 31st Jan 2015, we woke up and had a buffet breakfast, we packed our bags and went over to the air port to fly to Lahad Datu. Arriving at LD we were picked up and brought over to the Danum Valley Conservation Center (DVCC). There we had a short walk through the jungle as Chris explained about various expects in the forest to us. Stressing other importance of dipterocarps. Every few meters we walked he would tell us something. We went to the tree tower where some climbed up while others walked around the trial. We left Daisy behind after coming out of the forest. It rains so much there. We should really head count and check before moving from one place to another.

On the 1st February, Fabian and I woke up at 5 am to go to the watch tower and catch sunrise and see some birds. We saw a pair or hornbills fly pass us. Next we went back to the lodge and waited for breakfast and our field trip into the forest again trekking all the way to a waterfall. Long track and I accidentally left my packed food there. When we got out we waited for Glenn Raynolds to give a talk. We asked question that probed into him sharing genuinely how corrupt the politics in the state is and how political will is what will change things. Oil palm. Secondary forest. It's not so much the results from experiments that protect the land is the running of the experiments that do. We also swam in the river after coming out of the forest. It wasn't that high.

On the 2nd February we had a talk by Charlotte about the work she was doing in enrichment planting and tree rehabilitation. We walked into the jungle again to see some 50 hectares plots that were being marked out and surveying done. Really tedious work. We came back through the river way. Lesson learnt: don't put on boots straight after coming out of the river, water from the pants will flow into the socks. And I should probably a set of forest cloths. Lesson learnt: don't swim in muddy rivers with white shirts, they get stained with silt pretty badly... And stink too. The river water rose significantly. Saw Professor David Nubrey. 

On the 3rd February we all woke up at 5 am in the morning to catch sunrise st the watch tower near the global climate weather station was. But it was too cloudy and we didn't see much. Glenn brought us to places where logging was carried out whereby a Center would just pull and drag logs with chains into the middle where it stood. We went to places that were logged twice and also to a place where reduced impact logging was carried out. Then we went to meet Mikey who was doing a biodiversity experiment in Danum Valley. Embolism and ground water potential. Type of plants that open and close their stomatal.  In the afternoon we were to go to the Borneo Rainforest Lodge (where old rich bird lovers pay USD 300 per night to stay) to have a nice dinner. The gate was locked so Herzi and I ran 3 kilometres, in my new Teva flip flops. I should have walked much slower in the canopy walk. Sigh, regrets. The dinner that night was super. 

On the 4th February we took a long road trip. Travelling from DVCS back to Lahad Datu. We then went to an oil palm plantation called Sabahmas which is under Wilmar. Mr Frederick Chok gave us a nice presentation. We were told not to ask too much probing questions as the field course would like to come back next year. Their mill and operations are run so efficiently that it is RSPO certified. They take care of their workers welfare and health. Genuinely having good intentions they retained the riparian strip beside the river as a wildlife corridor going beyond the required 20 meters to 50 meters. We then went to a Tropical Rainforest Biodiversity bank. Malaysian NGO that works to maintain genetic resources. They gave a nice tea time with local snacks such as banana fritters and 'kuih cincin'. Next we made our way to Sepilok and the butterfly resort. We arrived at 9 pm ish, went for dinner and after s good shower used the Internet and had a goodnights sleep at 12.30. I washed my cloths in the sink and hung them to dry outside on the balcony, which I realised had a fan only the next day. They have laundry services here, Rm 10 for 1 kilo.

5th February, we met James Margove and Collin Maycock. We walked over to RDC where we had lunch and had a presentation by Reuben, Betty, Huebert and Robert Ong. We met some local girls doing LI there it was a good talk with them. Next we went to FRC where we saw James work on drowning dipterocarp seedlings and then we went to the entomology library where a huge collection of bugs were.

On the 6th February, Fabian and I woke up at 5.30 to go to the observation tower where the birds only come out at 7am. Next, we went to the RDC again and had a talk by Benoit. He was doing remote sensing on snow leopards, elephants, civets and monitor lizards around Kinabatangan. Next we went to the Sunbear conservation center. Along the way we ate lunch in the forest.  And enthusiastic wong gave a wonderful presentation on how sunbeams are important to the ecosystem. Working as forest doctors, eating termites and preventing population boom, turning over rotting logs and tearing them apart, making nest for the hornbills in trees way up high. Then we walked to the observational tower. After that we went back to B&B to take a shower and go meet Robert Ong where we asked hard question. We had dinner and went back for a good nights sleep early. Just do the small things, show interest and get the right contacts. That's how you move up, don't worry too much about the funding. Step out from being so conservative about the Church, listen to others and the way they think. Life isn't always fair. Especially if your dad died at a young age. Some people's hearts can be very broken. It is not us who heals it, but Christ at the end of the day. We... Just.. Listen and shine zoos light of hope. Diana doesn't believe that God created the world and that he isn't always good. I really should read the book where is God when it rots by Phillip Yancy. And maybe even pass it to her.

On the 7th we packed our bags and squeezed into room 4 as a new group was coming in. Forgot to bring over my towel. A few of the people had money stolen from them which included Chris, Diana and Anna. Quite a large substantial amount. Thank God their passports didn't get touched. We walked through the jungle for quite some time to get out at the mangrove area where there was a nice riverside hut built. We hiked back and I talked to Colin along the way. Learnt so much things on how UMS is run and why people like Azizi can't transfer to Geology cause they would have to run the whole course in English then. The next VC is also preferably a Sabahan which makes it hard to get people who actually has leadership skills in running things. I really need to focus on my studies. And be specialised. I can't be everywhere.. 
13 nov 2015

It was inspiring for Datuk Sam to take time and personally address the students from UMS forestry courses. Having such a prominent figure, the director himself give us a speech was motivating and strengthened the resolve to continue studying as to graduate a successful forestry student and contribute back to the sector. I wish that all of my course mates could have been at HoB to be blessed by the knowledge gained and see the relevance in research and work opportunities available with the set of skills forestry studies provides. Taking care of the forest is not just important for long term sustainable economic growth, but also vital for the continuity of healthy communities that depend on the services provided by forest, which is, every single person in the state. The HoB theme of watersheds bring to light a whole new level of managing a forest properly, something that might have dire consequences if overlooked. Because of that, I'm truly grateful for the awareness and wisdom added to my personal philosophy of being a good steward of God's creation. I resolve to do my best, to take care of nature, that in turn takes care of peoples including my loved ones, in a practical way.

Birthday message to dad

19 nov 2015

When I was young, I could remember going up a cable car, the fog was cold but mom brought a dark blue jacket for me to keep warm. There was also a time we went to ice wonderland at the mines. I get to sleep in the master bedroom all the time too, with the super silky brown blanket and fat-fat which would get me through dad's snoring.

Dad would come home to eat lunch sometimes and never missed family dinner ever single night unless he was outstation. Mom would without fail cook 3 wonderful meals a day. My brains were kept healthy with all the fish stocked up in the fridge from all the trips. When we went back to Ipoh we would drive on un-tarred roads, an adventure, but I always trusted dad knew the way. We would set up 'camp' with the boot of the van opened. And 'sau tong' when dusk approached.

Every morning mom would make breakfast, and I would see my brothers dress up in white uniforms going out into the dark. Dad would fetch wai Yan to school first and come back home for me, on his AM799. I love sitting behind and hugging him.

We went to eat lok-lok frequently on Sunday nights after walking to the pasar malam nearby. Never once did I have to pay for my own food when out with you my parents. I miss the laksa and kit chai we had ritually weekly. Not to forget the char Siew pows and lo mai Kai before church.

I followed them to cell group and when I got home dad would carry me up to the room to sleep. Of cause I was woken up abit, but I pretended to sleep to get the free ride. It was nice to be held in your arms.

Following you on field trips was fun! Digging for fossil leafs in Jerantut/Greek? And those long rides behind the Jaguh to far away places. If we could not come, mom would fold red hearts and ask us to write stuff on it to put into his clothes luggage.

It's amazing how you two mange to juggle all 4 children with love and faith. Happy birthday dad! I love you all!! Mom, dad, tai Kor, Yee Kor, jie jie!!!


22 February 2016

Today coming to klia 2 I fell asleep on the bus. And missed the station and instead went to klia 1. The bus driver told me that I could sit the next bus of the same company back to klia 2. I went inside and asked a counter where I could take a bus back to klia 2. She pointed me to another bus. On the way walking to it, the bus driver called out to me and asked me to wait at the initial gate.

He saw me walking the wrong way and called out.

At klia 2, I've never been to boarding gates K before. K18 was really far, and I was so used to going to J gates. Surprisingly met Adib there, and we witnessed a young lad who missed his flight at a neighbouring gate. The attended did try to help him by calling using the phone, unfortunately it was just too late.

I missed a bus station, he missed a plane take off, by a few minutes.

Thank God for second chances, He is indeed gracious.
Yet sometimes there are consequences to mistakes made that are... Irrevocable
And tough to bear.


11 dec 2016

What is the meaning to worship? Pa yew Meng. PPBC 

To end the series, we're going back to the beginning
Genesis 22:1-19

The attitude of our hearts, not just the methods,
Not just on Sunday's, but outside the church.

After this things, God TESTED Abraham.

If it's not being tested, it can't be trusted 

How do we know we really love the Lord?
When something is at stake, the what is inside your heart is exposed.

A blessing given too early, at the wrong time, can become a curse.

Highlighted about the son:
1) the only son, solely, irreplaceable 
2) whom you love.

Abraham, had already lost one son, Ishmael
When he sent him away.

Who we truly are, who we truly was, who was Lord over our lives.

1) test of adversity, suffering
2) test of prosperity, blessing

Looking back, you might surprise yourself,
Eh why did I think that way.

Potential to lead you into godliness or unholiness
Potential to build you or break you.

Don't let riches lead you away astray

In that prosperity, God was going to test if Abrahams heart was still true to him
Testimony to his 

1) rose early, dedication, urgency 
2) saddled his donkey, making sure he's prepared,
Some cannot obey because they are not prepared.
3) friends that can journey along with you.

Worship: sacrifice

Frederick Lewis 
7 social sins. Affects society as a whole

Individual sins.
Church, express our worship.
Living sacrifice.

Love and reverence expressed.

Garry chapman,
5 languages of love.

1) quality time, love some you spend time
Sit at the feet of Jesus, prayer, meditate on His word

2) words of affirmation 
Share our testimony and the gospel, the good news to those around us.
Don't fear being rejected.

3) gifts.
Lord I give you everything. Tithes and offerings

4) serving.
Serve others. Unglamorous, upfront 

5) physical touch
Are we the body of Christ that reaches out and touches lives,
Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless.

Go beyond the Sunday service.

It did not involve any music.
I insist to pay for this, because I will not offer anything to God that cost me nothing.

Everything outward is already there, the fire, the wood.
The church building, the music instruments.

Dethroning the god of self.
And leaving this place differently.

What is the mark of true worship?
That it's not just say emotional time.

The fruit.

Verse 9
God will never shortchanged you.
God wants you to be free, forfuwq

Why we can't remember

The reason why we can't remember things so well nowadays is because:

There is not enough adequate time for things to sink in.

New knowledge comes too easily and we are flooded by information,
All thanks to the double edge of Internet.

When we read something, before it can materialise and matures in our minds,
It is buried by the never ending flow.


Monday, February 12, 2018

Lining running shoes

After my blue Aesics got stolen when i left it outside the hous in KingFisher.. (they still smelled new!) =( sigh just thinking back i miss them so much...

i've been without running shoes for quite some time now,
so i was in a delima.. should i buy a pair of badminton shoes (cause i play it so much nowadays in FRC) or should i get a general purpose all rounder running shoe? (with lower heels so as not to sprain like the mizouno.. that was a really bad sprain)..

after wearing the stiff badmninton shoes i decided to go for the super light weight runners =)

there was a discount too and also lucky draw entry, fingers crossed might get the RM2k voucher, nyahahaha

RM242 after the discount, not too cheap, but owh well

thanks dad

Romoss ranger 17

always wanted a dual USB car charger that was small. but good, with proper chips and all inside it. So was contemplating either a Xiao Mi =m Anker or Romoss. I went for the latter

They are quite nice, after registering the the authentication key, they sent me a nice mail, from a girl named Chloe =)

haha, in the mail they even have this link below on "how long should you charge your powerbank for the first time", haha. i guess they get that question pretty alot!

for RM35... this is probably worth it. haven't had the chance to use it yet, but i like its design and how light it is

Sam the .. erm... socialist

Met a guy named sam, he's scottish and has traveled the world before 20.
Was just looking for a friend to send him to the hospital, but so many people are weary about him, my parents included. i think i just met a genuine guy whose been travelling around the world. wow.

it was nice to listen to his stories,
he could.. just walk around with the clothes on his back,
and emergency passport

and.... a plastic bag of trash. wow.


Friday, February 09, 2018

sub specie aeternitatis

sub specie aeternitatis

"under the aspect of eternity"

makes the problems of life seem so small.
make life fun =)