Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mucus Charging Sweating Tehory

okay so nope its not a single thing, its three

Mucus Theory
- When one has a soar throat and there is constantly phlegm (hard to spell!) being made, thne one wants to spit it out as much as he can right? (no i'm not gonna ask you to swallow it).

- what i think is this, after spitting out the yellow-greenish phlegm, prevent yourself from spitting in 1 or 2 hours. Why? because the theory is this, that phlegm contains anti-bacterial properties and kills the germs. if you spit it out too often, then the germs dont die and the mucus is always white/transparent.

-its like.. dont waste your body making goo. keep it inside you longer for a better result in healing...

Charging Theory
on phones and other devices. since now they have 500mA and 2.1Amps. or the general 1Amp.. all devices plug into microUSB which is conviniet. however, i believe that the slower you charge the phone's batteries the longer they will last (not just long term, but the moment you unplug it). why so? i duno. but i find that if i charge my moto G with a 2.1Amp output.. it dies faster than when i use a slower 750mAmp

Sweating Theory
active boys who exercise regularly sweat more easily than people who live sedentary lifestyles. its like.. if you usually go running, the momment your body start doing walking movements, it triggers the sweat glands to go crazy and start preparing for a workout. or well atlesat thats what your body is condition to think your doing to do.

and people who sit all day long at home, can walk miles without breaking a sweat, because: one, either thier pores are stuck/mulfuntioning due to the lack of use of it... or two, they sweat galnds just dont anticipate the owner to do sports. which... he isnt going to do.. becaseu he's just walking to the bus...

well this three theories are totally unsound. they have no scitific backing. and they are just written for fun.

our lil field trip

In KKWC, the boarder is shared with a housing area that seems to be put up without much concern of its effects on the mangrove ecosystem nearby. Due to the lack of education and awareness, we actually witness first-hand the young children trespassing into the KKWC boundaries to collect shell fish as a source of food. Even though the management (SWCS) as placed warning signs multiple times, it always goes missing. Same with the metal fences they erect to keep out trespassers. Police reports cannot do anything as they have no legal right to convict the trespassers without a warning sign board nearby as prove of efforts to inform them not to do so.
Our guide was greatly distressed as she called out loudly multiple times to ask them to go away but all she was answered with was a rude and arrogant remark. The young village boys just did not bother about her and continued collecting their produce. One of the children even was carrying a parang (machete).
Although personally I don’t think they are causing much harm as they were just 4 little children. The greater destruction comes from big conglomerate companies who barge into wetlands with heavy machinery costing millions of Ringgit. They are the ones who destroy nature’s wetlands in the name of development. Those who support the development of shopping malls and concrete buildings are non-other than us locals. However it is the administrative bodies that have to certify and clarify the development plans giving them the green light to go ahead with their destruction.
So rather than blaming the kids for mangrove degradation, the bigger bully to me would be the rich and greedy developers who bribe environmental consultants without integrity. Why do we willingly take “gifts and fruit baskets” which are meant to show sincerity in our joy to work with each other? It is because of the system that we’ve grown up in. Bribery is ingrained into our culture.
Which will go on to the next point of the Anti-Bribery commission not really doing its job, which would lead to a whole other discussion about their ‘contribution’ to wetland degradations.

If I were a conservation officer, the first thing on my mind on how to conserve and protect the remaining wetland areas is this: social forestry. I believe in the community to protect what benefits them. Apart from policies and law enforcement by the government. I believe that the local community around the wet land areas can do much more help. Especially in looking out for illegal loggers or poachers. Yes they may come in once in a while to collect shell fish, but this only rightfully due to them as they reap the harvest for protecting what feeds them.
                The real destroyers are development companies, and the ones that can effectively fight against them are the petitions of the local communities who base their livelihood off the mangrove areas. Take for example the little children we saw in KKWC. They do less harm than and money greedy developer would do at the minimal scale. The children are the ones who are brave and tread through the waters knowing the mangrove area as their home. Developers come in knowing nothing about the species richness and how precious the land they are trotting underfoot.

                Thus if I were an officer, I would get the locals to be involved with conservation efforts by educating them and bringing awareness. I would marco-manage wetlands and leave the micro-managing to the local communities. its not all about writing reports and paperwork, its about knowing how to live and love the forest that brings us life.

Monday, October 27, 2014

God's kindness leads to repentance

Romans 2:4

Do you show contempt for the richness of someone else's kindness towards not the deserving but those who seem fit only to receive wrath and suffering.

We meet many people along life's path. Some are so outright repulsive that you wonder how anyone can not be annoyed or irritated by his obnoxious selfish behaviour.

Yet in Christ we are to show forbearance and patience to such as these. We are to love them with the love that comes from the Father. One that could only have been imparted upon us through the Blood of the Lamb when He made the sacrifice of His Body on Cross at Calvary.

For it isn't our kindness that leads others to Salvation. But so that man may realise all glory goes back and shall always belong to the Father now and forever more.

It is God's kindness which is intended to lead one to repentance.

Harsh discipline does not lead to repentance, loving kindness shown through grace does


Part of the book "Growing deep in God" by Edmund Chan

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Why did I have to do all those things and walk away. What could I ever do to make it up to you. To come back into your embrace and feel the warmth of your grace.

Its horrible of me, irresponsible. To be given so much and yet still not cherish it. To be trusted to be loved to be allowed into the deepest parts of your heart.

Why does it always have to be the same season. Just as the trials of examinations are coming up the blissful holidays are always set just before them.

Go and move on. Go and be learned. Study and gain knowledge apart from thinking about what shouldn't be.

I too will see you. Far on the other side. As much as I want to walk together with you in the storms. It may seem i am a far off distance. Yet know that I'll never let your hand go. I've never ever intended to.

Sweet words. Oh how destructive they can be. Sweet as honey comes a little bitterness, that adds up to all its goodness. Sweet words, now how wonderful it is to hear praises.

Only if one means it.

Friday, October 24, 2014

What separates us from the rest?

I was just cycling past the road side cleaners. And wondered to myself, what makes an individual make it or break it in life?

Well.. Firstly.. What does it even mean to have "made it". It all depends on the individuals preference for that word. Some define success in terms of monetary value, others in power or fame.

Capitalism. How the world evaluates us.

What if success wasn't define like that. What if the real purpose was to live out not one's personal agenda, but sacrifice his individual life for the greater good. A cause far beyond his own life's value.

Communities. Not communism.. Like ants.

Well whatever it is. We are in the very fact moving towards a finishing line. And its not how well we start, it's how we end.

So what separates us?

Its this three E s.

Education, experiences, excellence

Education brings empowerment
Which leads to breaking out of not just poverty bondages passed down through generations but also.. The truth will tear down strong hold walls on lies.

Whatever we may have been thought in our past. Weather we like it or not... Does make us more intelligent

Unlike closing our eyes to not see something unsightly, we can't really stop listening to things we don't want to hear.

What's hear then after processed by the brain, its up to us to accept it or not. This is the part where we have the choice.

If it is a false scam and we rightfully discern it, then good for you. It it is the truth by we doubt it, then live in denial. If it is false and we think it to be true, through reasoning we'll be relevistic about everyone's beliefs. If it was true, and you knew it and accepted it.. Then you'll be set free

Experiences through encounters.
We are who we are today because of what we went through in our past. He cannot and should not say that the past doesn't have any effect in making up our characteristics and personalities. We are after all products of something created. Some say our consciousness is a collection of memories and peoples personalities.

Yet what I believe, is that although we can't chance the past, we can forget about it to focus on what is ahead. For you to he who you want to be in the future, it'll start in the choices you make now.

As you meet the right people, ( were there any wrong ones in the first place, as if we couldn't have helped someone lesser than us. Or we always had to surround yourself with people greater. Then how would one ever start off if no one wanted to mingle first. Take the sacrifice, for you have been blessed enough. For in giving, you shall receive ), the mentors, the tutors.. The ones who teach you a lesson by being so wicked, and grace through acts of revenge and hatred, mercy in unkindness and strife ..

You learn, when you choose to do so. No matter the situation.

Excellence? Hmm I don't think so. Righteousness know what the end is. Your end point. Where will you be standing once this is all over. Knowing what is ahead, helps you to keep your mind in the mission. The commission. The greater calling.

Don't get tied up in trivial side skirmishes. Time is an invaluable thing. For the end is coming.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The calling

This is really quite a good read.

In our life we pass by so many people who mentor, encourage and guide us. Always being reminded at the right time about the path that we choose to walk. Yet what is it really to belief in God. What's the point of keeping pure and claiming to be a Christian. Is this a label that we strive to achieve by our own means.

The sceptic and disobedient will always be running around in circles. The same cycle. But in Christ, if one were really to give his life as a living sacrifice... That is how we'll break out of the cycle.

What I'm trying to get at is this, there is more to the life that you are currently living now by your own means by your own standards. There is more.

So much more.

You'll know who created the stars

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Missing you

"Hey darling

How was your day?"

You know after watching two movies 'the awkward moment' and wolf of Wall Street.
Gosh I should have listened to my sister not to watch that second movie. Horrible.

Why did the girls have to say 'I don't love you anymore'
And btw, they're married. It's like... Movies are advocating divorce now.

It's NOT okay.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Lost phone

but not lost identity.

in Christ, even if i was to be put to death, satan shall have no hold over me
yes indeed i couldn't sleep last night, woke up 2 or 3 times.
kept on thinking of the possibilities and senarios and life after that,
what if i found it, what if i didn't
what if its somewhere and .. gosh, my brain.. over processed

but you know what brings peace?
God... his Word to us...

i was just sharing about seeking things for eternity not that which is material.
sigh.. walk the talk? learn the hard way? nah its just my careless foolishness


but yeah, God ..

God is sovereign (He is in control)
God is love (He cares)
God is wise (Everything happens for a reason)

Jesus.. you know where exactly it is.. your omipotence, omipresence, ominscience..


i realized i only seek God when in need.
when i want some thing.

as if... when all is good and comfortable God takes the passenger seat.

 "Do what you need to do to me Lord,
as gold and silver is tested in the crucible,
so you test my heart"

my heart, i could finally feel it last night

this.. is.... a turning point in life