Tuesday, December 12, 2017

changing engine oil for Ex5

changed engine oil for the Papa's Ex5
cant remember the last time i did. it was black
last time was because the engine couldn't start on cold mornings. lol.

went to a different shop.. Wee Maju, actually any motorbike shop is the same i guess.
just that some mechanics are more toughtful and observant

(like they will rock the bike to get out all the old oil)
and some don't pour in the whole bottle

i asked the lady at the counter which one,
she said Honda? owh that one loh

Honda 4T SL 10W-30 RM 22 0.8L calcium additive prevents clutch slipping reduce engine friction Asked the guy about oil, he said change every 2000km and he recommends Shell, cheap

but i still feel like some of them are longer lasting and better for the engine.
I mean seriously.. calcium to prevent slipping? isn't the oil supposed to make stuff more slippery

Then theres the codes 10W-30
the first number on the left indicates the viscosity (how easy it flows) at a COLD start
so 10 would be before it's heated up... and so 5 would be less thicker than 10 and easier to start on cold mornings... the W stands for windete btw

the second number on the right indicates it at operating temperature, i.e. 30 at 100C
so is it better to get a ticker oil? what's the effects on the engine components? which one is better long term, which one has better fuel economy, which one is smoother, which one is cleaner ..

a 5W-30 will flow better than a 10W-30
a 10W-50 is thicker than a 10W-40

good place to read stuff:

10W-30 is not as fluid, it's thicker.. better for older engines and protects the components thicker got more drag tough.
5W-30 is more fuel efficient, for new engines with small gaps and no need to worry about seal.

and whats the diference between wet cluch and dry?
basically if the clutch uses the engine oil for lubrication, its a wet clutch.
Dry is for when it's separated from the engine

i know some are for automatic scooters

sigh, i dont know if i bought the right one.
well i hope that it stays clean for a long time

i know theres alot of difference when chaning the oil tough, i could feel it last time
it was more smooth.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

AMD APU vs Intel processors Ideapad 320-14AST

Went shopping with a a friend Suzika because her laptop fried..
instead of changing the mother board which her computer was giving other problems already..

so yeah.. got a Lenovo ideapad 320-14AST
with a AMD A9-9420 processor.. which they said was equivalent to a Intel i5
but it was cheaper... at RM1899 ..

Why lenovo over other brands like Toshiba, Asus or Acer (i personally like acer.. my Aspire V3-471G is so reliable.. well.. after changing the hardisk)

i was thinking of upgrading it even more with a HDD caddy

putting in a 2TB seagate firecuda (cause they have that hybrid SSHD) and my current Samsung EVO 126GB is outta space... but yeah.. its pricey at RM460.. compared to the 1TB version (RM350)

sigh.. well atleast i've maxed out the 16GB ram (2x Kingston DDR3 8Gb ... well yeah i like my laptop alot..

anyways .. AMD has made a good thing by combining the CPU and GPU to allow each other to help one another process stuff.. which.. Intel and Nvidea doesn't do on mine..

APU and SSHD... these are really good technologies for laptops...
and hers has DDR4 ... (i think the extra 200 bucks is worth it for the better processor and newer RAM).. atleast she can upgrade her RAM next time easily instead of trying to find the old DDR3..

well.. i hope she's happy with the purchase and it'll last her for a long long long time to come!
and it comes with a free G03 watch worth RM400+ .. haha well

Friday, November 24, 2017

frying a laptop with a universal adapter

This brought some peace into my life.


Suzika's laptop wasn't turning on. When she plugs in the power adapter into the socket the green LED on it comes on.. but when she plugs the other end into her ASUS laptop it just fades off.

So i thought it was her adaptor that had the issue. And such a coincidence Biotech has a spare universal adaptor that we bought which was supposed to be used for the WD NAS (which we didn't set up in the end). I changed the plug heads and gee.. i was so sure that it'll work.

So i plugged it in. pressed the power button once, but it didn't turn on.
THen she tried and it turned on.. i was thinking it was all well and walked off

and then it started smoking oO


She quickly unplugged it..

and the smell of a toasted motherboard lingered... sigh..

i quickly went and checked the rating on the adaptor and the universal one...
yes both were running 19V.... but the amps was different.. here's was a bout 3.. the adaptor was giving out 4...

i thought... i thought i had just fried my friends laptop

sigh... but anyways, she didn't say anything about her laptop not working before this..
but yeah.. i'd like to chip in for this hard working girl.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

way to remember and not memorize

we stop learning because we stop questioning.
This is due to favoring memorization over understanding.
Go back to having a curious mind, to remember better.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

card reader slot on laptop not functioning

i think my card reader for the laptop almost died..
when i sorta almost  ejected the card but didn't (half press micro pressed but it didn't pop out)

restarted the computer and even reinstalled the drive..
shined a torch light and poked it with a needle...

it all didn't work...


tried again later on...

God.. it works..
the best mechanic: miracles

Friday, October 27, 2017

Born to be a king

I dreaming last night that there was a ceremony whereby the crown was to be passed down to the Kings son, but he wasn't there to receive it. So I stood in his place. Haha. To think one day you'll wake up as a King. How different would you live the daily life?

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Have you ever been with someone, and as they listened to you, you felt as though you were the only person in the room?  The person listening had no sense of needing to be somewhere else.  They had no sense of needing to interrupt you.  They simply listened.  How did that feel?

On the other hand, have you ever been chatting with someone and you could tell they were only half there?  The look in their eyes told you that they were thinking about something else?  They had a sense of urgency inside that they were supposed to be getting something else done.  How did that feel?

“Being listened to is so close to being loved that most people cannot tell the difference.” (David Augsburger)