Thursday, July 14, 2016

we all have our battles to fight

when comparing to others

girls are insecure about their outward looks.
you are pretty because of who you are on the inside.

guys have their pride and ego.
thanks for teaching me humility and learning to..

lose a game to win your heart.

let go and receive.

Friday, July 08, 2016

love bars to be filled

our identity is found in the love we receive from those that matter to us.

so what are the different bars of love that needs to be filled?

1. God's love
2. Love from a spouse
3. love from family (parents, children)
4. love from friends and neighbors

one may fill up multiple points, but not all.
if there is a lack in one of them, we will tend to feel:

1. purposeless without a sense of "being" in the present
2. lethargic and hard to get out of bed each morning
3. unfulfilled and unhappy, unexcited for future events.

this is why relationships with people matter.
and how a lack of it can cause use feeling like crap.

when we go to a new place, into a new community...
we tend to reset a few of those bars.

then again, we always carry with us one of it as it is always present in our hearts.
have faith.

love wins at the end of the day.

Thursday, July 07, 2016


does the body come first or the mind?

how much does our subconscious influence our decisions,
and can we influence our subconsciousness?

i guess yes, by feeding it the right inputs,
good quality information, holy stuff...

reading the Bible i guess?
memorizing scripture?

talking to God?
linking our will to His?

wait on Him...


Tuesday, July 05, 2016

the answer so far

i am an extension of God's Will,
Yet i am an individual still capable of making choices.

conscious. how

this body,

is it... an extension on something? my mind? His Will?
why does it exist as it is, why can i physically see it, confirm it with sight, with touch, with smell
am i really just a blob of elements held together by biological processes,

is DNA a language and alterable code?
what is the next step beyond this skin's boundaries.

why? why?

what makes up my conscious thoughts, my "self"
am i a ghost in a shell?
would my body be like the Ship of Theseus?

destiny, fate, whatever.
collective, all in all, pluralism, divinity,
what is the truth.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

a new canvas

as much as we change the geological topography of the earth bellow us with technology, art and culture. building cities, road networks and various infrastructure

so one day we will, alter the galaxies in this universe

Thursday, June 30, 2016

life in truth

truth in life,
life in truth.

Get in touch with reality,
stop living a fantasy.

Carry out the Plan,
Make His Will, yours.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Old people infront?

Wait watched the boboboi emergency thing in the cinema again.

Let the old people out first?

Let's say there are two options:
1. Old people first, young ones stuck behind them. Manu people die

2. Found ones infront run out first, old ones behind.

Which would you choose?