Sunday, January 25, 2015

Replacement blades

Are wrapped in "vapour phase inhibitor" paper....


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Zephaniah, bird songs and Panda the bunny

why doesn't the church preach from the book of Zephaniah? .. its all gloom?
ppl in church dont want to hear things that aren't encouraging.. sigh..

so what if the bird shits on my car windscreen...
at least i get to hear them sing when i sit in my garden

have you ever had a butterfly land on your shoulder?
that is the weirdest feeling... i always taught animals were scared of humans..

apparently not, Panda (yew kong's bunny) actually runs to you once it likes you..
it just to run away at first when it was scared.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

the righteousness of God is revealed

Romans 1:17 For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed - a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: "The righteous will live by faith."

this verse follows just after the well known Rom 1:16. being not ashamed, it being the power, the one that brings salvation, to everyone...

"the righteousness of God is revealed"..

"righteousness... revealed"

if anyone were to ask me:
Hey.. show me God's holiness.. where can i find that He is good?
i'd know where to point to

Our God is not a mystery, He is not hidden...
He can be found, only if one will just look .. into the gospel.
the one that reveals Him..

it isn't an "It reveals him", as if the gospel were a book, or writings or .. a thing..
the gospel, as a very matter of fact.. is Christ, a person

~For in Christ is the power, which i am not ashamed off. He reveals God~

faith? owh... now thats another story..

Monday, January 12, 2015

i hear a whistle in the wind

haha reminds me of a time i wrote a letter to an official hoping to remain anonymous...
it contained inside information of an event i so happened to be able to witness..

the next day, i was called out of class abruptly,
to face the person i spoke about...

i was punished with him, we ran 3 rounds around the field..

from that day on, i gave up trying to tell tale on my own comrades to higher ups,
i'd rather gain the favor of my peers and cause an uprising against the 'adults' that govern us..

with their ridiculous laws and whims
dividing us.. deceiving us.. restricting us

i refuse to be a dog to them

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Beach over Survey

Man.. i had the weirdest.. most relevant nightmare.

it goes something like this,
i agreed to go on a trip to the beach (tanjung Aru) with some friends, ex-scouts.
as i was there i had to deal with a problem of fitting 6 people into two rooms at a price of RM53 each with a budget of RM106. (yes i remember the amount... silly). the hing was that some people didn't want to sleep with others while others wanted to sleep with others... ?

the next thing i knew is that we were staying over night,
and that i had my Survey Paper final tomorrow at 9am in the morning.
i slept, woke up, couldn't even have the chance to take a hot shower, as everyone was pack ad ready to go, leaving me scrambling to get my stuff.

we were in the bus back now, and we reached taman Megah (my old primary school) for a gathering of friends. met some familiar faces, talked.. put on a smile... but all the while at the back of my mind was "crap i'm late for my  Survey paper, i'm so screwed" ... the i prayed.. ernestly, God please turn back the time.

then i noticed a good friend who came along with us to the beach, he drove... and i ask him for a lift back to the place where my exam was.. it was already around 11.30am. i thought i could still go in, answer a few questions, not get marked for being absent... screw the calculations just focus on the theories..

as we walked out, i realize that i was so close to the examination place, which was taman SEA (my old secondary school) . so i told my friend i'll reach there faster if i ran. and he said okay. as i was going, i stopped by my house which was in the middle. owh btw, it was so hard to run in black loafer shoes compared to sports runners. so i wanted to change, then i saw a motorcycle out there, my bros.. but it was blue in colour (i've never had a blue motorbike) .. then i asked my mom inside the house where yi kor was, and she said ?? .. i saw the key stuck to the ignition on the bike.. just one key without any key chain.. so i decided to ride it to school, thinking that if i ran it would be quite a distance actually...

as i was trying to put my sweaty shirt on, which i took off before i entered the house ... the buttons were not fully undone, and it was so hard to put on like a t-shirt...

and in that moment of struggling.. i woke up.

which ends my dream, it was still dark.. thank God i haven't missed my exam.. which starts in... around 3 more hours.

so my thinks in my life linked to this dream.

sigh... but at the bottom line,
do i give up my academic future,
for just a temporary fling/pleasure the night before at the beach?

Monday, January 05, 2015

Bo Jio

Bo jio?

Hmmm... If a person knows about an event and still chooses not to go because he wasn't apparently personally invited by anybody in particular to attend it...

Doesn't mean Bo jio... It just means.. Zzzz

Bo jio is when a person knows nothing of an event, where he should be invited, because of his closely kit group of friends, and only found out about it after the event happened.. And then says it as a brother joke to the rest to laugh off.

If people misuse it ... As a reason not to take initiative to ASK to join something... It would lead to a solitary .. Sad life... Grow some b@lls ...

Peace out.

Saturday, January 03, 2015


Snap shot taken from Time. Dec 29/ jan 5 issue.

What if you knew.. That the end was coming. What would you do with your life right now? With the time that you have left.

Everything is permissible, not everything is beneficial. Store up your treasures in heaven. Live for eternity. It starts now.

"Deserts will become flourishing forest,
Tropical greens brown dry sands.
Live as if you days were in its last,
For only a house built on rock stands."