Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tour guide

Man I need to learn my own turf.

Dean called me just this afternoon and said he's arrived with his friends from Germany at KL.

Met them up at Times Square.
But after that, it was kinda down hill.

I didn't know how to go to china town using the public transport.
And got sorta lost.

The road sin kl are soooo confusing. And my gps sucks.
Sigh, so much for being prepared.

Also, when I realised I was walking in the wrong direction, I didn't turn around.
Pride I guess?

I should come up with a 'walk through' for kL. with places of interest and personal favourites of food and such.

I really need to learn how to become a tour guide.
That can tell history, statistics and .. Generally information about the area.

Sigh, sucks to not have travelled.

Monday, February 08, 2016

the 3rd year sem holidays

the first week of the holidays kicked off with a road trip up to kudat and camping out by the beach. its nice to just, be free.

i got a lil scared of camping on privet property, if it was. but it turned out to be alright. they people are nice. and yeah, most important is there's a public toilet to bath.

tried surfing, ain't easy, couldn't catch a wave.
but the cycling was not too bad =)

the second week was a four day get away to mabul
now this was a real holiday. one day with 3 dives,
and the rest were just... blissful relaxation

one thing that struck me while being there was the.. local, the bajau lauts
i wonder what if i was born in such a surrounding.
i wonder if i'd ever have the opportunity to, escape that cycle of life

education, a willingness to learn. is vital to one's life

the third week was as road trip with family members
to kundasan, sandakan, semporna, tawau through 6-7 hours long roads
sabah is beautiful, the forest, the mountains, the oceans

except the oil palms

one thing i learnt: it is good to have friends. everywhere we go we could meet up and have a guide to the best places.


one thing in life: it is important to have friends
to talk to

CNy gifts

some things for the holidays =)
bought a nifty key chain tool form kickstarter, they shipped it as promised =D

new shoes from dad, RM269 from sports direct. gt-2000 asics

and bro got me headphones. beyer's dtx 350p. he says it sums up christmas, birdthday and etc

happy =)

Monday, January 25, 2016

half done exam

i dreamt last night that:

i was sitting for an exam. and by the time i got half way to finishing it, time was up.
the second part was all objective questions, so i tembak them.

was trying to read them, but couldn't understand. when the papers were collected, i didn't hand mine up.
instead, i only handed it to the lecturer afterwords.

man the feeling was crappy. wasting time on the first half, and not being able to finish an exam properly. sigh.

Friday, January 22, 2016

clear starry skies

i keep telling people that the most important thing in life is, God
yet i do not practice it myself

such a hypocrite.
i've seem to have lost all that i've learnt over the past years of being a Christian.
the elementary truths.

what has happened to my life and walk with God?
i feel so lost.

when i looked at the clear skies, sitting at the edge of the jetty.
i think to myself: "wow, thats really clear"

i wish my life could be as clear as that.
now it seems so cloudy, murky like unclean water.

i cant see past the fog.
i dont know where my life is going.

there seems to be no more purpose anymore.

i wonder why this feeling has come upon me.
i wonder when it'll go away.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

i dont like

why i dislike checking facebook

technology .. zzz. i wish i could just.. stop using it

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

am i an extension of the laptop? or do i still control the technologies around me

i had a random taught, of how... the center of things in my life is being taken away from me... by the computer

i used to remember so much things, like directions, facts, memories, apointments (okay, maybe i was never good at this)... Bible verses

then after some long time, i felt like the technology stoles this abilities away from me, and i feel like i became part of the map that extends from the computer. (instead of it from me)

then.. i was like.. man i should really quite facebook, it takes up so much of my time and determines way too much of what i want to do, to show other people. why cant i just.. live a life without sharing it to the world? is that selfishness? or is sharing things so other people envy it selfishness? i really want to become a missionary, to live in a kampung and just teach them about God. but i dont think thats a very logical things to do, its not.. relevant or.. reality. i should just get a normal job and get security in my life.

after all, how can i really trust a God with everything, if i am not willing to be obedient to Him in everything. thats.. selfishness

God ... is realy. and He is good.
as much as disobedience hurts Him, it is real to grive the Holy Spirit.

i want to take back my life, from this world.
to get Christ back in the center, and no longer rely so much on technologies.

no longer think of dreams, and wish they came true.
and i want to grow, not just in knowledge ..

but one of the fruits of the Spirit, the last and final one: self-control

to be a master of the choices i make, choices to follow Jesus as the master.
and not succumb to ... temptations, distractions and .. worthless things in this world.

sigh, why is happiness so hard to find.

i am happy now God, with all i have.
i'm not sure if You are. sometimes it really does seem ridiculous..

to not... well.. whatever la....
thanks for helping me our in the exam...

less things

happiness is wanting less things in life?
how is that possible. Jesus....

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

misjudge because of bias news

least we misjudge something based on what other people teach us only without knowing learning the truth ourselves. news like to be biased. and subconciously, it does shape the way we tend to think in.. very serious ways. especially if we only recieve things from a small bubble. hence it is important to be open minded to listen to others, what they will say first. but always know when enough is. when listening more can do no more good. it is an evident need to stand your ground, least one becomes... relativistic.

if the speaker has spoken so much as to think that you are convinced aboutthe truth that he holds. you do him no more good than if you halted him and told your side of the standing. thats what constructive communication is.

dont accept everything, yet learn to listen. dont jump to conclusions from assumptions, yet be diligent in making choices based on all that you have built thus far