Saturday, May 11, 2013

life to comfortable?

so, what's life really all about if there wasn't any suffering to endure?

"be careful what you wish for"

it was a friday night. i just had my 10 to 6 shift at esspressolab. cycled over to petaling utama for badminton minsitry. wow, there was a girl who couldn't even hit the shuttle. never having been to a professional training course.. teaching the young girl to serve was like asking her to run before she could even walk or talk... sigh.. back to basics... put on the boots of peace... patience, take it slow... and smile =) ahhh the joy of teaching such simple matters, is one that could be taken as frustration or unspeakable delight. you get to choose.

next up, after having dinner, kuey teow hailam.. which had super crazy alot of clili padi inside. i was cycling home.. on a dimly lit path, some dude stole a drain cover, my bike went in and hit hard... my front wheel was ok, but from previous experiences i knew my back wheel wont be... i looked behind, crossed my fingers and hope to die, true enough.. it was puncture... oO

of all  the places, right outside petaling utama, wayyyyy off from my home, the distance back would be.. insane... carried my bike on the shoulder.. walked for 1 km and thought . well this is pretty stupid, i could just push my bike... sigh.. its times like this i wish i had brought a spare tube or patch repair kit... so much for  the scout motto: "be prepared".

pushed it pass the 3 roundabouts. put my thumb out for a hitch hike lift... well i guess i couldn't blame anyone who didn't want to fetch a dripping sweaty boy and his bike due to the fear of getting his scott clean chairs dirty.. even if it was a pickup truck... =(

seriously.. the whole way.. not one person stopped by to help?? the craps wrong with you strangers xD

bought a red-bull at a closed petrol station, drank most of it, there was still some left inside, it slipped from my fingers and spilled on the tar road...... shucks ..... my sugar drink.... =(

anyways.. there was one car that slowed down.. that was when i was walking up the graveyard raod at kg tungku.. haha.. must have scared the blood out of those passing by that road... who in the right mind would pick up anything trying to hitch hike there...

well got to the top of the hill... i tried to jog all the way with the bike... but i must say i did walk a few stretches too.. well it'll be good training for the triathlon =) but when i reached the petrol station at the top of the hill, my legs just gave in a crapped up... haha it's been such a long time since i felt them like this.. the last was the 30th km of the sckl marathon.... i couldn't even stand up straight ... the were so pain and felt as hard as rocks... i just collapsed at the side of the road.... tried to stand up, and just screamed in agony.. boy, i've never felt such a genuine scream in my life =D

that feeling of suffering was just... amazing

lying down in the dark... thank God no car squished me..

so took a break.. tried to hitch a ride, still no luck... was crazy thirsty, drank some free water from the petrol stations tap beside the air pump...... air pump.. flat tire.. how ironic ..

basically i got home safe... and had the best sleep of my life...

so sorry 10th may was such a busy day, if not i would have dropped by with a brithday cake =) (just kidding, i didn't even remember it was your birthday) =P


Hoong Ern Ng said...

Wow, sounds like quite the "adventure", but I'm glad that God saw you home safely! I recently started biking over here, as there aren't any mountains and no other good ways to exercise those climbing muscles! (I'm kinda out of shape again) Take care!

Yew Leung Lee said...

haha yeah, adventure in my own turf.. cool, you got a hard tail or full sus? yeah its a good way to keep fit and cycling gets you places in a jiff too! =) will do! you too, take care... looking forward to go for our next climb when your back =D (owh and when you're coming back, can you buy some gear for me? i'll pay ya back) xP

Hoong Ern Ng said...

I borrowed it from a friend - it's a mountain bike with just front suspension (It's a Mongoose Hilltopper SX from 1997) - quite old but still decent, and indeed I've already saved some $ on public transport. I'd be glad to help out with gear, except I don't know when I'll be back next. Actually, if you need anything (small&light) immediately, there are some people going back to M'sia soon who *may* be able to help. Email/FB message me if you're interested!

Rin Rin said...

HAHAHA, Yew Leung. Nice one at the end of your post ;)
BUT WOW. you walked all the way! Well done! If that were to ever happen to me, I'll get the cab. Tough man here.